Useful ideas to develop your own business by investing little money.



Below you will discover profitable business ideas, perfect for those who want to have a flexible job, capable of multiplying the average income, and at the same time giving themselves the opportunity to be their own boss.

The first and main objective of a business is to make money only choose businesses with which you see yourself capable of achieving it in the easiest and fastest way possible; it is easier to earn money if you enjoy doing the work, choose businesses where you will feel happy working long hours. You are more likely to be successful doing what you know how to do if possible choose businesses where you already have experience or know the market well. It is proven that when there is less pressure you have to be more successful, try to create businesses that are within your financial possibilities and professional capacities. Don't forget to always have businesses that have a future projection. If you are one of the fighters, you are constant, you have the ability to learn, quick reaction and you like to be your own owner without limitations: Do not hesitate, create your own business from scratch; But if you want your own business but you don't want to take the risk of novelty and for this you are willing to assume certain limitations in your independence: Yours is a franchise, they are a great option and there are all kinds, yes, choose tomato well Do not take your time lightly, remember, it is your investment that is at stake.

Very few are satisfied with 1 hour of lunch and a couple of days of vacation per year, when they know that life goes by so fast and they feel that they are missing it all. That is why I have prepared what in my opinion is the best among business ideas with little investment. Currently, most of the business ideas with a good profitability are based on creating their own website where they can have a sample of the work they do and be able to show it to potential clients by creating a kind of portfolio or resume to show via online what they do. Luckily for all of US who hate that kind of life, the opportunities to earn money online abound and it is increasingly easy to start a business capable of generating thousands of dollars, starting from scratch and without spending a fortune.

There are more than 10 million self-employed workers in the United States. There is always talk of the possibility of internationalizing SMEs, but can the services of foreign freelance distance workers also be internationalized? I think yes and that it can also be business for many companies. In the same way, US freelance professionals can be offered in other markets. The idea is that none of them have to move from the country, much less with the pandemic that we are going through that puts the health of the American people at risk. Do you need a leading innovation expert? You can go to one in Chicago, who works warm from home. You can raise it from the point of view of the headhunter, delicatessen in culinary arts, consulting or even be an international manager.

On the other hand, home services seem to me a good option, it is not essential to have a local, to make yourself known you will need a website and a small investment in web advertising and local media in your community. Some ideas are.

Walking dogs, the walk is undoubtedly one of the most important moments of the day for a dog. Not only does it allow you to relieve yourself, it also helps you continue to socialize, lower stress levels, or exercise if possible. However, many owners overlook essential details for their dog to have an enriching and complete walk, making this routine an unmotivating habit for their companions. A good business idea is to walk other people's dogs. Although many people are unemployed, others need someone to dedicate themselves to tasks that they cannot or do not want to do, such as walking their dogs. Why is it a good business idea and how to extend it? Even the business can be expanded taking care of dogs of people who do not want to leave them alone when they have to go to work, to an important meeting or any other need. It is a business idea that can reach hard-working people and people of a higher social class, in which case pets can even be taken to the vet, groomer or wherever necessary.

Organizing family events, family events are not completely different from mass events, where there are thousands of people like a big conference, a concert or a big wedding. After all, there are a few key differences to keep in mind, it goes without saying that there are also issues that should be off-limits to family events; These include anything strictly for adults, such as alcohol, sex, and violence. All good parents care about the safety of their children, so make sure this is the priority at your family event. Do you want to organize a family event? Much of the mechanics of organizing an event for the whole family is similar to that of other events. But there are some additional questions to consider that will be useful in the amount of profit you want to acquire.

Photography and video of properties using drones. Due to the great influence that the internet currently has in areas such as marketing, public relations and sales, people increasingly watch videos to search for products, properties, interests, places to visit. That is why the era of drones has long reached the audiovisual world. It is a fact that objects promoted through video are much more likely to be purchased than those advertised in the traditional way. However, the market is becoming saturated with low-quality multimedia content, since anyone can access a camera, for This, differentiating oneself from others in the industry and achieving being seen can become a challenge to start in this world of audiovisual production service; the key is to show customers that you are better than anyone at what you do.

Personal security, installation of alarms and security cameras; taking care of the family's well-being and preserving the tranquility of the home is a task that, at least in the United States, generates a lot of stress and concern. A good way to relax a little and prevent unpleasant moments is to resort to different technologies that allow us to take better care of ourselves. From those early models of monochrome image and some slowness to modern cameras, which transmit in real time and in full color everything they record, there has been a real revolution in security systems for monitoring by cameras. The improvements are notable, even in adverse conditions, since there are technologies with excellent definition in night images and environments of fog or rain. In the security and surveillance market you can find cameras and video systems of the most varied, both in quality and in price. That is why it is difficult to know which equipment is the one that best adapts to the characteristics in a home or business and to the personal needs of your future clients. There are many factors that you should consider to start this type of business, but I consider it a good option to generate a lot of money.


Maintenance services such as plumbing, masonry, carpentry, locksmiths, etc. There are a large number of inexpensive servers that offer residential maintenance services, but in a unitary manner, but few businesses have a comprehensive scheme that includes all the services that a home requires. The permanent maintenance needs of a house, added to the lack of skills and time, open an attractive window of opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for a dynamic business with interesting growth projections. Another key point is the purchase of tools and materials; it is advisable to go to prestigious wholesalers and hardware stores. You can also go to stores for home improvement products. It begins with a basic kit for each activity or line of business of the company and adds new parts, according to the requirements that little by little you are going to have, with respect to the advance purchase of material or supplies for the different services, the experts advise caution, since its composition, texture or results may be altered due to storage time. The ideal is to buy in response to the required services.

It teaches how to play a musical instrument. The guitar is perhaps the most popular instrument. There are many people who know how to play the guitar and many who have always wanted to know how to play it. Many people who buy a guitar try to learn, they leave it and after years they sign up for a guitar course. If you know how to play and need extra money, giving private guitar lessons is a very good idea, but you have to know that being a good guitarist does not mean being a good teacher, you have to change your mind and have a lot of patience. Not everyone serves to be a teacher; it requires patience and a vocation to learn. On many occasions teaching is more attitude than mastering a subject. Teaching an instrument can be hours doing the same exercise without advancing, this is something that not everyone can bear; when learning an instrument there must be a harmony between the student and the teacher. There are people who just want to learn to play some songs and who are not interested in theory or reading sheet music. If you are a strict or very methodical teacher, it is better that you do not select this type of student, both will end up frustrated. The musical interests of the student must be taken into account. A complete teacher teaches various genres and expands the student's mind, but if the student is only interested in one style and does not give in, you have nothing to do. It is better to teach only those students with whom you have some complicity.

Prepare special homemade food: diets, treatments, vegan, kosher, etc. You don't need to have a giant restaurant with lots of chairs and tables to sell food. You can do it from the comfort of your home, and there are several methods of selling it. It is very common to see places where they make food only to take away. Another option is to prepare food in large quantities for events, companies, schools and others. So choose the modality that best suits your possibilities and enter this culinary adventure without fear. You can also make a list of everything you think you will need and the money, to have a much clearer idea of what accounts and what you have to acquire, in a food business it is always good to have an assistant, because sometimes the order is long and you would just take a long time cooking, which bothers any hungry customer. So consider hiring one or two kitchen assistants, preferably with different specialties each.

Support services for the elderly or who need special care such as accompaniment, daily shopping, among other activities that the person requires. The elderly are the most affected population in terms of self-service capacity. Older people also have difficulties in supplying food and medicine; when they reach retirement age, many people take the opportunity to make arrangements at home, thanks to the time they have available. But as time goes by, the physical condition is not always maintained and it may be necessary to ask for help to continue repairing various problems and installing the typical improvements at home. That is why a home service for the elderly may be interesting. Normally older people are the ones with the most wealth, simply because they have worked a lifetime, but with age they may begin to be more concerned with the best ways to invest their savings, especially in a changing and insecure environment such as the current economy.

There are some services that you can carry out from the comfort of your home. To carry them out you will only need a website or advertise in specific media such as social networks to make yourself known and offer your services. Logically, these services are based on having the knowledge, communications with a good internet server and having the appropriate resources. Some of the ideas that I propose are:

Secretary or virtual assistant; this profession has more labor demand than many think. His daily work is relatively similar to that performed by a secretary in a company, but with some peculiarities that have to do with the differences between traditional jobs and online jobs. Most often, virtual assistants work from home and are self-employed professionals; the professionals who usually have virtual assistants are online business entrepreneurs, so they can also require their assistants to have basic knowledge of online marketing. An entrepreneur can ask his virtual assistant to write articles for his blog, send newsletters and social media posts. Working as a virtual assistant is not for everyone, basically because anyone cannot perform all the tasks, but if this is your case and you consider that you can do it just try it, you will not have to invest money just your knowledge.

Accounting, administration and management services, is very similar to the virtual assistant job. In this case it is for professional people in the administrative area; the online accounting advisory service is best suited to cover all accounting obligations while ensuring that your financial statements reflect the financial health of your clients.

Converting books to e-book. Since the arrival of the digital book it is much more comfortable and practical to read in electronic ink than on paper, there are some books that are discontinued and that are not found in any bookstore, those are the books that are worth digitizing. To scan, you only need three things: a sheet of glass, a smartphone and the CamScanner application. It is not such an obvious topic since there are a lot of possible formats. 3 formats seem to be the most used: pdf, epub & awz. The Pdf format is the only format supported by all devices and from Word PC or Pages Mac it is almost instantaneous to produce a pdf; this is not the case of the ePub format, which requires a specific Caliber tool for the production of the ebook; similarly the Amazon AWZ format requires a tool called Mobipocket Creator Publishers Edition. Be clear that the conversions to ePub or awz are not immediate, you can waste many hours of your time making your ebook compatible with these formats.

Creating Android applications is a necessity for companies and an advantage for IT professionals as a programmer, systems technician, web developer, iOS / Android Developer, etc. Just look at the statistics. Globally, Android dominates the market for mobile operating systems, however, it is also true that currently there is more and more competition in the development world; in this scenario, it is important to know other programming languages beyond Java, which allow you to develop apps for both Android and iOS. The development of web applications allows you to have an app that will be accessible from any browser on any device. Also, contrary to what happens with native applications, they do not require downloading. To understand how to make a web application you first need to know a little more about this type of development. Although native applications allow for more complex developments, they are also more expensive and not always necessary. The decision will depend on the use and how much you are willing to invest.

Short-term investments are businesses that are practically effective at any time, unlike long-term investments that represent a little more risk in the market. The financial analysis must be done using different procedures that allow measuring aspects such as; the initial capital or investment, the profitability and the time necessary to recover that investment. The analysis of profitability involves comparing the benefit that will be obtained with the opportunity cost. In this sense, an investment project will be carried out provided that a benefit greater than the initial cost is obtained. I hope the ideas described above are useful to you, just let your imagination run wild.

Remember that every effort always brings rewards ...

Carynel S. Avila

I live in a small coastal town on the American continent. In my free time I like to read suspense stories. I have been writing novels, poetry, essays, my own stories and articles on topics that I like to read for a few years. I hope you identify in some way with me and with the product of my imagination.


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