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Different people especially men are facing a problem of erectile dysfunction. Different medical reports have shown that the percentage of males that are facing sexual issues is increasing as compared to what it used to be. Today we will be discussing about different natural techniques that can help you enhance your sexual life.

What you eat defines you
When it comes to health you must always watch out what you include in your daily diet. Foods that are bad for the heart will affect your penis erection as both the heart and penis rely on blood flow.
Make sure that you eat a diet that involves fruits, whole grains, nuts, olive oil, vegetables, and red wine. This is what is known as the Mediterranean diet and has been scientifically proved to improve sexual function by improving the flow of blood which is directly linked to strong penis erection.
Also, a good diet will prevent you from obesity which is among the major problems associated with diabetes, and insufficient blood. Too much fat within the body due to a bad diet leads to heart problems. As you know, the heart is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body, which is responsible for strong erection.

Perform aerobic exercises
As strong erection is directly linked with the blood flow, there is nothing that improves the blood circulation in your body as compared to aerobic exercise. Besides aerobic exercises have been proved to be responsible for building nitric oxide in the body which is responsible for maintaining strong erections.
Running is one of the best ways to improve your blood circulation which will play an important role in improving your erection. It will be better if you stay away from cycling as prolonged biking which involves spending too much time upon the bike seats might lead to erectile dysfunction.
Besides you need to strengthen your pelvic floor and bulbocavernosus muscle which enable your penis to be filled by blood when it is erected. By strengthening these muscles, you will experience longer and strong erections.
This can be achieved by Kegel exercises. Perform these on a regular basis at least two times a day and you will start noticing that your erection is getting better day after day.

Have enough sleep
If you do not get enough sleep your will have insufficient testosterone levels which will eventually lead to erectile dysfunction (ED). In order to maintain your hormone balance within your stream, you have to spend at least 8 hours of sleep. Improper levels of testosterone mean that blood will not be sufficient in your penis and that will lead to weak or no erection.
Besides, you would have noticed that when you sleep you have three to five hours of erections. These erections are responsible for recharging your penis and making sure that it has a sufficient supply of oxygenated blood. The more and longer nocturnal erections you experience while sleeping, the stronger and flexible your erectile tissue will become. This will help in strengthening your erections and make your penis as hard as a rock.
Besides enough sleep prevents you from depression which is one of the things that contribute to ED. Erection is directly linked to mental health and mental health is related to sleeping too.

Manage your body weight
Extreme bodyweight is linked with erectile dysfunction. A study shows that men with a body mass index (BMI) of 25-30 which is considered as overweight are considered to have a 2X greater risk for being exposed to erectile dysfunction.
If you increase your body mass index to be greater than 30 and above your risk of being exposed to erectile dysfunction becomes 3X higher as compared to someone with a healthy body.
You must make sure that you maintain your body weight within the acceptable BMI, as excessive body weight might lead to erectile dysfunctions. The study shows that extreme weight is more closely related to ED as compared to aging.
Make sure that you use proper diets and perform regular exercises so as to maintain your bodyweight that might lead to many health problems that will eventually lead to ED.

Stay away from boozing
Extreme drinking might have negative outcomes for your sex performance. The more you drink the more likely you are exposed to develop ED.
Too much alcohol consumption will eventually have a negative effect on your erections. Sometimes prolonged alcohol consumption might lead to temporary impotence while in short terms it might lead to mood swings. This is bad for strong erections and it might lead to erectile dysfunctions.
Besides prolonged alcohol consumption might lower your testosterone levels and that means that you will eventually experience weak sex drive and that will have negative effects on your sexual performance which include weak erections.
To prevent this, it is in your best interest if you abstract from alcohol consumption. In case you cannot entirely quit from drinking, then make sure that you do your best to consume alcohol in moderation. This is the best way to prevent erectile dysfunctions which might risk your sexual performance.

Abstract from smoking
Studies show that smoking is one of the major causes that lead to erectile dysfunction in men aged under 40 years. Cigarette smoking might damage every angle of your body. Studies show that the chemical elements that are found within the cigarettes damage the blood vessel linings hence altering the way they function. Besides those chemicals might harm your lungs, heart, kidneys, brain as well as other body tissues.
Smoking affects your erection capabilities due to the chemicals that are found in cigarettes which damage your penis's blood vessel linings. Erections occur when your penis's blood arteries expand and are filled with blood as the signals are sent from your penis nerves. The brain is responsible for sending sexual arousal signals. This will not occur as it should if the blood vessels are damaged and hence you will experience weak erections.
But the good thing is that smoking effects related to ED are reversible as studies have proved that quitting smoking will restore your erection capabilities as well as lower your ED symptoms.

Always be active, fit and healthy
Living an active, fit and healthy life is among the best ways that will help you experience strong erections and experience the best sexual experience.
Different studies have concluded that men who exercise and maintain a healthy life have improved sexual performance as compared to those who do not.
Make sure that you do regular exercises as it won’t only improve your general health and your life quality, but it will also enhance your sexual performance and your erection strength.
Enrolling yourself to a gym might be a nice move, as it will keep your body active, fit and healthy. Besides, you will prevent your body from gaining extreme weights that as discussed before, it is among the major causative of ED.
In case you cannot enroll in a gym, then doing normal exercises such as running, walking long distances, pushups, and many indoor exercises will do.

Make regular checkup for your testosterone level
This a primary sex hormone in males, as it is the one that is responsible for sexual desire as well as some aspects of sexual performance. It is not necessarily that low testosterone to be a cause of ED but is normally related to poor male sexual performance as some studies that have shown.
Besides low performance is also being connected to poor physical performance as well as other ED symptoms. This is why it is so important that you should normally check your testosterone level to make sure that it is at the required level.
In case your testosterone level is low, then your doctor will recommend a proper way that will help in raising it to the proper level. The doctor might recommend proper diet and lifestyle changes. Sometimes the doctor can recommend proper medications as well as supplements.

Maintain your blood pressure
Extreme blood pressure is a risk to your health and that means it is a threat to your erection capabilities. If you are facing high blood pressures, you might experience blood flow problems that could lead to a fall in sexual performance as well as weak erections.
Normally extreme blood pressure is connected to extreme weight, but it is likely to have high blood pressure even if you have normal weight. This can be due to consuming diets that are extremely rich in sodium and if you do not exercise regularly. This can lead to hypertension or prehypertension.
The good thing is that it is so easy to check your blood pressure as there are different equipment that you can use at home and measure your own blood pressure.
Simple lifestyle changes such as regular exercising and having proper diets can help you in enhancing your blood pressure and bringing it to the proper level.

Prevent or control diabetes
Diabetes is among the major cause of ED in men. In fact, more than 50% of all men with diabetes are exposed to ED. This disease is known for attacking the penis by accelerating the arterial disease process. Besides it slows down the transmission of stimuli that are aligned along with the nerve supply in your entire body.
Being active and making regular exercises is the best way to prevent diabetes. In case you are already being exposed to diabetes, make sure that you make regular blood sugar checkups.
Men who are slow at maintaining their blood sugar levels are more exposed to erection issues than those who do regular checkups. Regular checkups will help you regulate your blood sugar in case it is above or lower the required levels.
Your doctor will recommend the proper measures to take in order to maintain your blood sugar. This can involve exercising, diet to medication such as insulin injection.

Apply a cock ring
A cock ring has proven to assist many people in maintaining their erection capabilities. It has an O-shape and it is designed to fit around the penis holding blood within the shaft, around the area where you want it to be. Besides the cock ring is responsible for preventing venous leakage, which is among the type of dysfunction where there is sufficient blood flow in the penis, but it does not stay there as needed.
There is a new Giddy cock ring that is designed to treat erectile dysfunction that helps in the prevention of venous leakage helping to maintain stronger erections.
Besides, it can help you last longer during sex and help your partner reach climax. This helps in boosting your confidence and improving your partner's sexual experience. And it will delay and enhance your organism making you have the best sex experience.

Walk regularly
Studies have proved that men who walk at least two miles per day have a low rate of experiencing erection problems as compared to those who do walk at all.
Fat deposits that stiffen or clog the arteries can also contribute to erection issues. Many people tend to think that their arteries are just pipes that can handle clogging which is wrong.
The blood vessel linings are very sensitive areas upon which chemicals are being manufactured and released within the bloodstream. The more you are active in exercising, the healthier, cleaner and more flexible the blood vessel linings will become.
Besides, walking will help you maintain your weight as excessive body weight leads to blood circulation issues. This might lead to weak erections as there will be insufficient blood flow to the penis. So it is very important to walk at least 2 miles on a regular basis.

Be smooth when thrusting
Extreme thrusting might lead to rapturing the corposa cavernosa, as well as the elongated erectile cavity that extends the length of your penis.
You might think that this is cannot happen, but rough thrusting might lead to the rapture of the penis cavity. This might need surgery to be performed within 24 hours so as to prevent internal bleeding as well as reduce the risk of experiencing permanent damage.
A partial tear is normally not a serious problem though it might lead to problems in the future if not taken care of. This because when the linings of the corposa heal upon with the tissue scar, they lose their elastic capabilities leading to pain within the curvature and it can lead to impotence.
It is estimated that about a third of impotent men have had a penile trauma experience. Make sure that you are too careful as she is riding on the top.

Abstract from watching porn
Some doctors believe that extreme watching of porn plays a big role in ED. Currently, many people have developed a habit of watching porn due to access to different websites around the internet.
Some of the limited studies have shown that extreme porn leads to induced erectile dysfunction and lead to the rise in levels of ED in younger men.
Due to limited studies, this has not been confirmed, but it is better that you do not take chances. Make sure that you abstain from watching porn and in case you cannot completely abstain from this, then try to prevent yourself from regular porn watching.
Besides extreme porn watching will keep your body aroused all the time which might lead to the weakening of your penis muscles and hence lead to weak erection as well as erectile dysfunction.

11. Manage stress
Do you feel like you are not in a mood of performing sex? Generally, not all the performance problems are associated with your body organs. As a matter of fact, most of the men will not enjoy sex or perform well when they are facing stress.
Different studies have proven that there is a direct link between erectile dysfunction and stress. Stress management and reduction will improve sexual performance. Men who have worked to reduce stress have shown to improve their erections.
In case you are working too much or your work is affecting your mood and making you stressed, that means it will affect your sexual performance. It is better that you take a break and manage your stress.
This will help you improve your sexual performance as well as your confidence and health. Besides too much stress will ruin your health and can lead to other health problems other than ED.

11. Regular yawning
Yawning is similar to getting an erection as they practically have the same mechanism. These two are monitored by a chemical called nitric oxide. This is released within the brain and can travel towards the neurons that are responsible for controlling the opening of the moth as well as breathing, or they can move below the spinal cord and enter the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis. There are times when yawning and erection occur within the same time.
It is not that you should perform while your mouth is hanging open. But letting yourself to yawn now and then throughout the day will enhance to improve the neurochemical network and this will enhance and strengthen your erection capabilities.
It is in your best interest to yawn whenever you can as it is something that many people take for granted without knowing that it plays a critical role in enhancing stronger erections.

11. Have at least a cup of coffee on a regular basis
As we have already discussed, that extreme smoking and alcohol consumption might lead to erectile dysfunctions, but coffee has proved to be of good help when it comes to enhancing your erection capabilities.
Studies show that men who consume caffeine that ranges from 2-3 cups per day are less vulnerable to experiencing ED as compared to those who do not.
Coffee is known to increase epinephrine which is also known as adrenaline. Adrenaline is responsible for increasing heartbeat rate hence increasing the blood flow.
As we have already discussed that erection is directly linked with the amount of blood that is held within the penis, and therefore an increase in blood supply within the penis will contribute to strengthening the erection.
Besides coffee improves the blood circulation system making it more sufficient. But remember that you should not take more than three cups of coffee per day.

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