Here Are Some Of The Funny Facts About China That Will Make You Laugh Off Your Ribs



China is one of the largest countries in the world. China is known of having a deep history and many amazing things that can never be found in other parts of the world. Chinese are the only people in the world that have funny gadgets that you can never find in any other part of the world. Chinese are the only people that are known to consume every living creature on the face of the other. You cannot name all the amazing and funny things that can be found in China. From weird customs to stunning nature, we will be covering some of the amazing facts found in China. Just keep on reading so as to discover the most amazing facts about China that will leave you laughing and surprised.

China is the most populated country in the world with an estimated 1.5 billion people by now. To help you get a clear picture let us break down this fact; the population of China is 4 times more than that of the United States. It means that one of every five humans is from Chinese origin. And this means that the Chinese language is the most used language in the world due to the number of the native speakers. And that makes 14% of the world population to speak Chinese.

The Chinese government judges all its citizens based upon their behavior. This is a concept based on social credit, and each single person within a society is being rated depending on his behavior. You might have thought that such a thing does not exist in real life, it just exist in movies and fiction novels. But, this is not fiction in China has it is being practiced in some way. Every citizen of China has a social credit score. That means they can be punished by losing points or rewarded by gaining points. If someone is jailwalking or do not pay your debt on time, then you lose your points. While if you are donating money to charity you will be rewarded with points.

You would be amazed to why Chinese people need these points. The fact is that these points are important in everything starting from being allowed to lodge in a hotel to taking a train for a ride.
Back in 2016. Xu Xiaodong rose to fame when his credit score fell to ‘D’ due to the fact that he had proven that MMA is more effective martial as compared to Kung Fu. He can no longer buy real estate, plane tickets and his kids were no longer allowed to attend public schools.

Here is a funny thing that you can never find such a thing elsewhere but only in China. Chinese kids have funny toilet etiquette. This seems to be so weird. In China diapers are not so popular. Many children wear special outfits that consist of a big behind hole bottom. Whenever they feel like making a poo or pee, all they need to do is to squat and do whatever they want. May this what the Chinese refer to as eco-life!

China is among the biggest countries in the world, as it is the fourth biggest country after Russia, Canada and the United States. Russia is almost two times bigger than China, even though it has fewer people than China.

When it comes to eating, China is entirely different from the western world. Actually if you are from Western you will be amazed with the Chinese table manners. Many of the behaviors which are considered as being rude by most countries in the world are acceptable in the People’s Republic of China.
These behaviors include spitting, grunting, burping, and yawning while you are eating. If you ever have a chance to visit China, you will be amazed about this and you might find it awkward as they do such behaviors in public or any place no one cares. But after you spend more time in China then you will come to realize that such behaviors are normal and accepted in their community.

China holds the largest army in the world, this is another interesting fact. The china army consists of more than 2 million soldiers. Let us break it down so as you can have a clear picture of what this means. This means that, take the entire population of Paris or Budapest and turn it into an army. No other country in the world has such a huge number of military officers.

China is a self-proclaimed owner of all pandas in the world. This is so funny, isn’t it? This means that it literally owns all pandas in the world. All the pandas in china live in Chengdu which is the capital city of Sichuan. In case you come across any panda in another location of the world, then that means it is lent from the People’s Republic of China. What is more surprising is that as soon as the baby panda is born it has to be sent back into China so as to expand the gene pool.

China is the leading country when it comes to UNESCO sites together with Italy as they both have an equally number of 55 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Spain is the second country with 48 sites. The most frequent visited Chinese UNESCO sites are; Forbidden City in Beijing, Summer Palace in Beijing, The Great Wall of China, Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, Temple of Heaven in Beijing and many more.

Now here comes one of the most fascinating fact, where the Chinese can restore their virginity. You might be surprised, but to Chinese restoring virginity is possible and this is quite popular in China. This is performed via a plastic surgery procedure and is known as hymenorrhaphy. Chinese women incur a lot of cost for having their hymens reconstructed before their wedding night. This is done to prevent their future husbands finding out that they had lost their virgins.

China is the country that is surrounded by many neighboring countries in the world. But this number is the same as Russia as both countries have 14 bordering countries.

Another amazing fact is that more than 50million Chinese live out of China. This is more than the population of many countries in the world. To make it clear for you, the population of countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Columbia, South Korea is 50 million people each.

Chinese have their own way of dealing with traffic jam which is very creative. As the country is the most populated country in the world, there is no way that they could not face traffic jam problem. In case you are stuck on the traffic and you are late for work, what you have to do is just call the bottleneck rescuers. A motorcycle with two guys will come to your rescue, as one will drive you on a motorbike and take you wherever you want to go while the other one will take your place as a car driver. This is a seems to be a creative solution, isn’t it?

There is still a large number of people in china that live in caves. These people do not have enough money to afford building a house, and therefore they use caves for their shelters. You might have though that everyone in the People’s Republic of China lives in a skyscraper.

Another fact about China is that it has a single time zone despite the fact that China is a massive country. That is why there are places in China that the sun rises even at 11 AM. During the past China had five different time zones, but back in 1949 the Communist Party leaders made a decision to set a single time zone for the entire country. Since that time, everyone uses Beijing time.

Chinese celebrate the new year in an entire different way to the rest of the world. New year is the biggest holiday in the People’s republic of China. Unlike the rest party of the world, it is celebrated in January or February and this is a really holiday for everyone. There is absolutely no body who goes to work, and each person goes back home to celebrate this important day with their families.
The celebration lasts for 15 days, as nothing can be compared to this day. The entire country celebrates the New year for the entire 15 days.
What is so interesting is that the Chinese New Year is celebrated across many other countries in the world. Due to the large Chinese population living abroad, it is likely that the Chinese New year is more popular as compared to Christmas. But the Chinese New Year calendar has some of the amazing facts.
Within the Chinese new year calendar, the Chinese New Year Date continuously changes and it consists of a zodiac animal each year.

In China there is a birth restriction which is the only country that does this in the entire word. Reproduction is limited in China. Until 2015 Chinese couples were limited to one kid. But now are allowed to have two kids. This is surprising and some people would wonder with such restriction, how come that China is so populated..

China is referred as being an empire of pigs as half of the world pigs can be found in China. Chinese consume about 1.7 million pigs per day. This is an amazing fact isn’t it?

China is also a multireligious state. This is due to the fact that the country has a large number of people and that means that almost every religion that is available to the world can be found in China. But the most popular religions are Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. But one of the most amazing facts is that there are more Christians in China than in Italy.

Chinese are known as being the medical geniuses as they had known most of the biological facts that came late to be known late to the western world. For example the fact that blood circulates in our veins was known to the Chinese more than 2,000 years ago. European scientist William Harvey announced about this back in 1628, without having an idea that this had been known to the Chinese world a thousand years ago.

Ice creams were invented in China and this is the best invention as everybody loves ice cream. Thanks to China for this delicious dessert. The Chinese are believed to have invented the ice cream more than 4000 years ago by creating a mixture of rice, milk with snow.

Here comes another fact about the Chinese, as they are known as being the best when it comes to mathematics. The history of mathematics to the Chinese can be traced back to the 11th century BC. The Chinese were the first people to use decimal and binary systems as well as geometry and algebra.

Besides, the Chinese people are known as being among the best architectural geniuses. This is due to the fact that the world biggest man-made structure can be found in China. This is the Great Wall of China. This wall is still impressively long and covers 5,500 miles.
There is an imperial palace in China which is so famous and goes by the name of ‘The Forbidden City’ and consists of more than 9,000 rooms. This is among the traditional Chinese areas that is visited by many people.

The Chinese are the first people to employ gas and chemical weapons in war whereas the Europeans started using this 2,000 years later where they used them in WWII. Do not forget that Shanghai in China was the only port in the world that accepted Jews who were running away from the Holocaust without demanding them to apply for visa. Besides, China invented kites that were used for frightening enemies more than 3,000 years ago.

China is known for having the longest civilization than any other state or community in the world. China has the world longest continuous civilization which began about 6,000 BC and has lasted until to date. The following are some of the ancient facts; Ancient China consisted of the longest lasting empire, The last China emperor rose to power when he was still a baby of 3 years, and China holds the credits of the four greatest inventions which are the paper, gunpowder, painting as well as the compass.

Most Chinese spend most of the life travelling around the world. If you are a traveler, you must have noticed that wherever you go you will find some Chinese tourists there. You can find them in the streets of Africa, Paris, Vatican City, Bangkok and entirely everywhere.
This is why they are considered to be the biggest travel spenders in the world. They spend $250 billion on average every year which is almost as twice as the amount spend by the USA which is second in the runner up in this rank.

In case you are China and you think that you can just open your computer or smartphone and log into Facebook, you are wrong. Facebook, YouTube, Google and many other biggest websites have been blocked in China. The reason behind this is that the Chinese government wants to make sure that it controls every information that is downloaded or uploaded within the country. This is the reason behind that every website that is used by the Chinese as to be owned by Chinese.
But moost people bypass that restriction using VPN.

The Silk Road is the longest and oldest trade route in human history. The big portion of the silk road can be found in China and belongs to the China government where it covers 9,597 million kilometer square, while it is 2,485 miles long extending across the entire area of the Chinese territory. The roads starts from the capital city of China, Beijing and is the means of connection to East and Southern Asia while East Africa, West Asia and Southern Europe are also connected to the road.
According to the historical records, the beginning of the Silk Road started back during the Han Dynasty and the road was eventually closed for trade during the reign of the Ottoman Empire. Many people think that the road’s name silk refer to silk as being the only commodity traded via the trade route which is not true. This name was initially spanned by the Germany geographer by the name of Ferdinand Von Richthofen when describing about his long and exhausting journey along this road.
Historians believe that it was not only silk from East to West that was traded, but different commodities were also traded too, starting from animals, precious stones, porcelain, silver, gold, carpets, teas as well as slaves.
The road still exists today but is no longer used for trading but has remained to be one of the op-rated tourist destinations in China due to the fact that Silk Road tours offers anyone an opportunity to experience the ancient China.

Another funny fact about the Chinese is that, many Chinese consider having long nails as a symbol for wealth. In case you have pictured long nails of a beautiful Chinese businesswoman, then you didn’t get the point. We are referring to men, as in China men do not cut off their nails because it is a symbol of wealth. You might think this sounds ridiculous but this makes more sense when you start to reason.
If you earn you living through manual labor that means that your nails should be short, so only white collar earners can afford having their nails grow long.
This goes with the skin color, the whiter you are the wealthier you seem to be as the sun makes someone’s skin darker and you can only have a pale skin if you work indoor.

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