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There is nothing more annoying than losing your keys. Normally, the saga ends when we eventually find the keys in our pockets, or beneath a book on the kitchen table. But some mysteries cannot be easily solved, just like these unexplained secrets locked completely away in tombs and vaults around different places in the world. Starting from the cursed grave of the Chinese emperor coming to one of the notorious drug lord’s lost stash. We will be showing you 10 of the most mysterious hidden doors around the world.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple is located in the state of Kerala in Southern India. The temple has a fascinating story of treasure, accompanied with ancient secrets and deadly curiosity. This temple that can found in Trivandrum within the Holy shrine to Maha Vinshu who is referred as the most powerful deity. The temple is completely covered in gold, was built back in the 16th Century and was then renovated just a few hundred years later by the Kings of Travancore, which is one of the India’s richest ancient families.
As the legend goes, the kings of Travancore hid their huge amount of treasure within the hidden rooms and vaults of the temple. Back in 2011, the Indian supreme court ordered a routine audit of the treasures hidden in the temple.
Counting the treasure seemed to be a hard task as it sounds. Most local religious leaders were worried that opening the vaults will be an act of disrespect to Maha Vinshu and that might lead to a huge punishment. The last time that any person had ever tried opening the door was in 1931, and as the legend goes, cobras sprang from the vault and attacked the people who were trying to open the vault.
Despite the warnings and protests as well as death threats from hardline Hindus, lawyer TP Sundarajan who had filed the case asking the India Supreme Court to grant permission, eventually got the permission to open it up for the first time after being closed for centuries. It did not take them long, TP Sundarajan together with his team were able to open 5 doors of the 6 vaults. What they found inside was breath taking, as within the temple were hips of crowns, weapons, bags full of diamonds, gold statues, rubies, vessels made of gold, golden elephants, gold coins and even they found gold coconuts that were filled with jewels. The value of the findings were estimated at $1 trillion.
But there is one mysterious door that has remained locked, this is the vault that is named as Bharatakkon Kallara. The vault door has a huge serpent figure on the door, which indicates that there is danger. The temple priests as well as the Vedic scholars have always insisted that opening that final door would lead to a huge catastrophe to the city or the world at large.
They have always insisted that the only safe way that would allow someone to enter the vault is through a Hindu priest or saint to perform a sacred rite which is known as the Garuda Mantra. But the only problem is, there is no living person who knows how to perform such a ritual.
But there are a lot of people out there who doubt and do not believe in things like curses and superstitions. But ever since lawyer TP Sundarajan died of mysterious circumstances, no one has ever dared open this final vault…
I guess we will never know what is inside the vault anytime soon or maybe we will have to wait for another century to pass before someone tries to open the vault.

Smallpox is one of the most dangerous and deadly disease that has killed millions throughout human history. Its evidence has been found in the tombs of the Egyptian mummies, and the disease claimed lives of commoners, to queens and kings.
The disease leads to the creation of a painful pus-filled rash that erupts all the body hence leading to haemorrhages, organ failure and eventually the victims meets their death. But fortunately the disease was prevented since 1798, thanks to Edward Jenner who discovered a vaccine, but it took until the 1960s for mankind to wipeout the entire smallpox entirely from the face of the earth. Thanks to modern medicine and as of now smallpox is no longer a world problem as it has been eradicated.
But, there are still tiny amounts of the disease that live on, which are frozen inside top secret military bioweapon vaults in both the USA and Russia. In case either sample was ever unleashed, the disease could multiply so fast and kill millions of people at once.
Many people have demanded for the destruction of the last remaining samples, but neither of the USA or Russia seems willing to do so. Both claim that they preserve the specimens in order to create better vaccines in case smallpox comes back, from any unforgotten source or perhaps if terrorists engineer the disease. But some people think that the USA is holding on it because the Russians have it too. And the Russians seem to be holding on to it as the Americans have it.
Both of the sides seem to be using this deadly disease as an insurance policy in a modern biological arms race. Whatever the case, let us hope that the vault holding these specimen never are never opened.

Emperor Qin’s Secret Tomb
During the time when the Roman empire was going through turmoil with its never ending wars, China on the other side of the world was enjoying the era of peace and order. Emperor Qin Shi Huang had brought the seven warring states together and became the first Imperial Chinese Dynasty.
Qin was a strong and powerful leader who had ambitions of living forever. He just rose to power when he was 13. But he began working on his tomb just immediately to make sure that his afterlife will be fit for an emperor like him.
Emperor Qin took all measures and didn’t mess around. His tomb complex was built by human labor of 700,000 people that were brought from different places within the seven states. Most of them were those who built the world famous Terracotta Warriors, these are 8000 unique life-size clay statues, arranged in a way that portrays warriors who are ready to defend the emperor in the afterlife.
But the pictures that we have of Emperor Qin’s vast army are just a tip of the story. His tomb remains sealed until today, and no one knows what is inside. The Chinese archeologists have always warned that the tomb is protected using hidden traps as well as toxic mercury. The tomb is also so huge, and it seems impossible to excavate it using the current technology.
But we still hope that one day, we will see inside the Emperor’s final resting home. The question is, will that happen while this generation is still alive? Let us hope that it will.

The Hall of Records
Now here comes Egypt the land of the Nile and the land that is full of ancient world wonders like the Sphinx, which is a huge lion having Pharoah’s head that is carved from just a single gigantic piece of limestone.
There is absolutely no doubt that the Sphinx still has some secrets hidden, and the Egyptologists are still studying it looking for a way to solve the riddles of history. The ancient Egypt history is full of many theories. As new empty spaces have been discovered below the Sphinx by using the new technology that is capable of penetrating the ground, some experts have assumed that they have found the mythical Egyptian Hall of Records.
If the allegations are true, this will be the biggest discovery as we speculate that there is a trove of information as well as artefacts that would help us to get new insights into the Egyptian mysterious civilization.
The most bizarre allegations that have led to the formation of conspiracy theories from different people claim that the Hall of Records might hold the evidence that aliens visited the earth at the time of the Pharaohs and could also tell us the location where the city of Atlantis was located.
But to date the Egyptian government has blocked any excavation below the Sphinx. No one is really sure what might be found under the Sphinx, but we do hope that one day the details will be brought to light.

Room #837
Deep within the Canadian Rockies, within the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, there is an unopened mysterious hotel room door that has kept hidden one of the terrifying secret. There is a legend from the locals that back in 1906, the entire family was butchered while asleep in room 837. The house keeper discovered their bodies while doing her routine cleaning the next morning. The bodies were lying in pools of blood with bloody hand-prints all over the walls. Ever since that incident room 837 has been off limits and the door has always been kept closed.
The hotel staffs claim that the room never existed, despite people claiming that they regularly see sightings of ghosts walking along the corridors.

The Taj Mahal’s Basement
Now we are heading back to India a land full of mysterious historical sites including the famous Taj Mahal. Everyone must have heard of the Taj Mahal which is a familiar white dome and is regarded as an Indian nation symbol, but there are people who believe that it hides secret within its basement.
A lot of people to agree that the Mughals, which was a Muslim Empire that ruled India for over 300 years are responsible for building the mausoleum complex. The story does not end there, as some claim that Shah Jahan built the temple as a way of honoring his favorite wife who had passed away giving birth to their 14th child. But some Hindus who have always been in a long-standing rivalry with the Muslim population in India, have always pointed to a series of mysterious locked compartments in the Taj Mahal.
The Hindus claim that the rooms might contain a religious cover-up, and claim that the Taj Mahal was initially a Hindu temple and not a Muslim palace.
Within the Taj Mahal there are rooms that are off-limits, and to ensure that no one who dare to open the door, the doorways have been bricked up. But the question stands, are these measures taken for conservation like the authorities say? Or are they hiding something more sinister? There is no one who has ever let inside the rooms and therefore we will never know what is inside.

Treasure Under Machu Picchu
This was built by the Incas, and they date back from the medieval times, but was unknown to the rest of the world until in 1911. The Inca kings used this secret city which is located high in the mountains as fortress until the city population fled when the Spanish invaders arrived bringing along small pox to the city. But archeologists have determined that the Incas left behind more than just the ruins. Beneath the Machu Picchu can be found undiscovered tombs as well as cave systems. Using radar technology, archeologists have been able to detect the presence of metal, and certainly gold as well as other treasure. But the location of these chambers seems entirely difficult to reach.
The Peruvian government fear that any archeological intrusion might end up damaging that sacred place and have refused to grant permission to archeological activities. No one knows if we will ever find out what lies under the Machu Picchu.

Onkalo Nuclear Waste Facility
How are highly dangerous nuclear waste stored? How can they be kept safe and prevent anyone from finding it as it takes time to decay, more than 100 years?
A finish company came up with an answer, and came up with a way of burying the waste in a huge underground facility, so deep in granite bedrock. The location is at the end of a 5 mile tunnel, and the company hopes that one day the tunnel will hold thousands of radioactive fuel rods that are capable of causing extreme sufferings for another 100,000 years. This is the same amount of time that we have been on Earth. Despite the fact that experts refer the storage method as being the safest way, but such a long time required for the rods to decay is it safe?
As soon as the facility will start to operate, huge steel doors will be sealed forever. We do hope that forever means forever. The location of the facility must remain undisclosed for hundreds of thousands of years, and no one would predict what would happen by that time. This means civilization will rise and fall, and the Earth might also experience another Ice Age and maybe mankind will have perished from the face of the earth.
The question which is bothering the Finnish, is whether they should burry the waste and forget about its existence or if they should put a marking at the surface to warn people making them stay away. But who is so sure that people will understand the language used after 100,000 years?

Pablo Escobar’s Safe
Pablo Escobar was a Colombian drug lord who was so notorious and gained a huge fame, wealth as well as power by smuggling cocaine from South America into the United States back in the 90s. During his peak, Escobar and his gang supplied 80% of the cocaine to North America, and Escobar was bringing in more than $21.9 billion for himself annually.
But Escobar did not last forever as he was killed by a Police shoot out in his home back in 1993 after being on the run for some time. After his death, Escobar’s huge estate was then sold off and that included his beachfront mansion in Miami. One of the wealth family of entrepreneur bought the property and then started living in the mansion until when they decided to renovate the mansion. Halfway via the building work, they came across an underground vault. Within the vault they found a large metal safe.
With Escobar’s reputation, the new owners of this mansion were sure that they had pounded on a treasure chest and were so afraid of what might be inside the safe. They could expect anything like drugs, money, guns and anything of the like.
Before even they had a chance of opening the safe, it was stolen from the house. Since then it has never been recovered, and therefore no one knows what was in the safe. The Miami police have never been able to arrest anyone, and besides, no one knows what was stolen except an old safe.
With his reputation, it seems that Escobar is capable of creating more mysteries even when he is in his grave. But who knows may be one day someone will come forward and tell us what was in the safe.

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