Behaviors Which Can Affect Your Wife's Sexual Drive And How To Deal With The Problem



There is nothing like a females having poor libido as this problem might risk their relationship. Besides, our modern way of lives have led to an increase in heath problems that are linked to poor sexual performances in females. But there are ways that can help in enhancing sex drive in women. This article is looking to analyze different natural methods that will help in enhancing libido in females.

Introduce some herbs in your romantic meals
Try adding a little garlic or basil to your favorite dish that you are preparing for your romantic dinner. Garlic smell is known for being a catalyst in stimulating the body's senses. This is because garlic contains high levels of allicin which is responsible for increasing the blood flow.
These effects are good for enhancing your libido and besides, they can help men with erectile dysfunction.
If you can manage to have Ginkgo biloba extract from a Chinese Ginkgo tree and add it in your meal, that will be great for you. This is well known for treating antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction.
You can try different natural herbs that are available online and include them in your meal. Herbs are the best source for enhancing your libido and sex performance. Besides herbs are known to have little or no side effects as compared to synthetic drugs.

A secret tip from Africa
Africa is well known for having vast natural herbs that a large population of Africa uses. There is a natural herb known as Yohimbine, which is an alkaloid that is found in the bark of the West African evergreen forests. This is known as being a natural Viagra.
Different researches have concluded that Yohimbine bark will help to enhance male erection capabilities. Besides Yokahimbe will also improve the male’s erection quality while stimulating your sexual sensation and improving your sex stamina.
This herb is widely known all over West Africa and has been used for thousands of years. It will not be a bad idea if you can try it. Besides it is natural and it is known to have no side effects as compared to other laboratory-made drugs which can lead to other health problems.

Work to improve your self-confidence
Sex is much connected to your self-esteem as it directly affects the entire way that you feel about sex. Poor health and exercising might have an impact causing you to have a poor self-image. This might affect the way you perform and enjoy sex. It is possible to enhance your confidence as well as your sex drive by from your weaknesses to your strengths.
Besides, try focusing on the pleasure experience during sex. Do not focus much on the opposite physical or financial weaknesses and failures. Focusing too much on your failures and weaknesses will lead to the decline of your confidence.
Being confident is very important when it comes to sex, you can be healthy but if you are not confident then you will perform poorly. Besides, poor confidence will lead to poor sex drive.
Only believe in yourself and focus on the positive things as this will improve your sex experience and your sex drive.

Do meditation and relieve your stress
Stress is one of the leading sources of poor sex performance thus it affects one's sex drive. Women are mostly affected when it comes to stress and sex life.
On the other hand, some men use sex as their way of relieving stress. There are times when different techniques that are used in a way to approach sex might lead to conflicts.
Do whatever it is necessary to prevent stress. This includes meditation which is the best-known way that helps to relieve stress.
Besides exercising, as well as sports, yoga and other physical body exercises are the best ways of relieving stress.
Free yourself from stress and you will be amazed at how your sex libido will improve dramatically. Keep your body and mind active all the time and do whatever is necessary to give yourself away from negative thoughts that might affect your mood.

Have a glass of wine whenever you can
Wine is well known to improve and increase intimacy. It does not mean that you should have a lot of it, but just a glass of wine. Besides wine is known for increasing the blood flow within the body. This will improve your sex performance as well as sensation giving you’re the best sex experience.
But remember, do not drink too much wine. Drinking too much wine might ruin the ability of your sex performance by affecting your erectile ability. Besides extreme alcohol might also affect your ability to orgasm.
Therefore, drink a little of it as the saying goes “Too much of something is poisonous”. Make sure you just drink as little as necessary as you would not want to end up performing poorly in bed.

Communicate with your partner
In case you had an argument with your partner, there is a high probability that you are no longer in a mood of having sex. When it comes to women, sensing emotional closeness is so critical for sexual intimacy. This implies that when there are unresolved conflicts, your sexual relationship will be in jeopardy.
Therefore, communing with your partner and resolving any issue that is facing your relationship is very important. Talk everything throughout and make sure that there is no stone unturned.
Talking and resolving issues will help in improving your sex lifestyle. Besides, it will make your relationship much stronger and prevent unnecessary breakups.
Strong sex experiences and relationships are built on the foundation of communicating with one another. Always find time to talk to your partner.

Get enough sleep
People with hectic lifestyle have less time to have the right amount of sleep. Besides having a busy schedule makes it hard or impossible to have time for sex.
Most people who are faced with balancing work with taking care of children or the aged ones are normally facing the problem of being exhausted. This can play a very big role in reducing sex drive as well as leading to poor sex performance.
Make sure that you have enough time for sleeping at least six to eight hours every day. Your body needs rest in order to function well.
Having enough sleep will boost your sex drive as well as your sex performance. Besides sleeping will help in maintaining your mood in a good state as well as your brain making it relaxed.
Remember everything starts from the brain, if the brain is not in a good state then that means you will experience poor or no sex drive.

Set your mood for sex
Having more and the best sex experience sometimes just requires having to clear your schedule. Being in the mood while having a lot of thoughts running in your mind with a lot of things to do is impossible.
Scheduling for sex even though it might sound unromantic, but it is very important that you plan for this important activity within your schedule calendar. If you plan for all your important activities put them on your calendar, why not sex?
Make sure that you schedule enough time and make sure that during that time you are relaxed, especially when it comes to women. Women need to be relaxed before their libido kicks into the function.
It is therefore so important that you should always set the right mood before you jump into sex. This will not only be good for you, but it will also boost your partner's libido.

Consuming Too Much Sugar
Recently, it has been reported that doctors are receiving many women even younger ones facing libido crashing mood disorders. Women face sex-drive disorders or they do likely not have that sex drive that they would prefer to have.
In case your wife has a habit of consuming foods with have high levels of sugar, then it is likely that she might be facing hormone imbalance. This includes other foods that are considered healthy foods such as wheat that are eventually converted to sugar. Sugar is responsible for raising insulin levels and leading to hormone imbalance.
Sugar is responsible for lowering testosterone, which is responsible for the growth, maintenance, and repair of women's sex issues. Besides, together with estrogen have a link with mood and behavior in women. Also, extreme sugar consumption is linked to leptin resistance which is also linked to lowering testosterone levels within the woman's body.

Eating Junk food
If your wife enjoys consuming fast food such as chocolate sauce, ice cream, canned beef, burgers, etc. she might be facing a decline her sexual drive. Studies show that junk foods are connected to different body health problems. Junk foods are known to contain a high content of sugar, which can affect blood flow and lead to inflammation of the blood capillaries.
Besides, excessive consumption of sugar might lead her to gain more weight. Being overweight is associated with many body health problems, which include blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure and many more. All these health problems are directly connected to the decline in sex-drive. In case your wife has a tendency to consuming junk food on a daily basis and you have noticed that her sexual desire is declining. It might be the right time to talk to her. If she does not stop that kind of habit, things might get of hand.

Consuming Too Much Salt
Salt is so important for our bodies and health but it has to be consumed in a certain required amount. One of the contents found in table salt is sodium. Too much sodium consumption might lead you to experience high blood pressure. Normally women with high blood pressure will experience a situation where they will feel so tired.
This may result in a lower sex driver or interest in sex. Consuming the required amount of sodium is very important in keeping your blood pressure within a healthy range. Often, extreme blood pressure in females has been associated with vaginal dryness as well as less frequent orgasm.
If your wife likes consuming too much salt, she will eventually be consuming more sodium than what it is required by her body. This will lead her to have high blood pressure and eventually lead to such outcomes as mentioned in the above paragraph.

Skipping Foreplay
When it comes to women, they need successful foreplay. Unlike men, women take a longer time to reach the required level of arousal for orgasm. Men can just think about sex and erect, but when it comes to women wanting to have sex is not enough. Foreplay plays a big role physically and emotionally, as it helps in preparing both body and mind for sex. Many women need to be kissed, caressed, and hugged.
Besides, foreplay helps the woman clitoris fulfill its “O” which is just like an erection in men. During foreplay, blood flows to the clitoris and is important for a woman to be able to reach orgasm.
However, there are those women who hate foreplay, they just like things to get in action without getting prepared for it. If your wife has such a habit, and you have noticed that she does not enjoy sex or she has experienced a decline in sex desire then this might be a source of the problem.

Sticking Upon The Same Old
Doing the same thing, in the same way, all the time makes things monotonous. This is also applicable when it comes to sex life. Sex needs partners to be creative to keep things at the highest desired point.
However, there are women who hate exploring new positions and experiences as they have negative thoughts upon these. These types of women always want to maintain things in the same way such as having sex in a missionary position only.
This makes sex less attractive not only to the man but also to the woman herself, as she will start losing interest in sex. It will just be like business as usual and this will affect their sex desire and eventually will lose interest in sex completely.
If your wife is among those women who think exploring new ways and being creative in sex is bad, there is a high possibility that she will lose her sex libido.

Being Self Preserved
There are women who have a tendency of keeping everything for themselves and do not like to discuss or share anything regarding sex with their partners. Communicating between couples is very important if you want to enhance your relationship as well as improve your sexual life. It is in your best interest to discuss what makes you feel good, where do you want your partner to touch you during sex, what sex positions do you enjoy and which sex position you do like or make you experience pain.
But, when a woman is self-preserved and won’t share anything regarding her point of view when it comes to sex, you will never know what she likes or hates. You might think that your wife likes a certain position while in fact, that position makes her experience pain and eventually she will start losing interest in sex. Try talking with your wife if she is one of those who are self-preserved.

Unconfident With Her Body
Some women are always worried about their bodies, as they do not feel comfortable with their shapes and looks. They will always feel that they are not attractive and wish that they were like someone else. Besides, it makes them worried if their partners are attracted by the way they look, especially when they are in bed. Some even go to extra miles and do plastic surgeries and implantations just trying to rectify what they think is wrong on their bodies.
If your wife is one of those women that we are talking about, then there is a high possibility that she will be experiencing poor sex drive and might even lose interest in sex. Confidence is so important when it comes to sex and sexual life. When a woman is not confident with the way she looks, that means she will always lose focus in enjoying the act of having sex, as she will always be worried about her partner's opinion towards her body.

Not Being Flexible
It is very important for a woman to be flexible and active so as to keep her body and mind healthy. Women who are flexible work out regularly and sometimes even enroll in Yoga classes. This is so important as it not only helps them maintain their body weight but makes a woman able to perform different positions in the bedroom that are extremely acrobatic. Besides, it helps a woman to have body strength that is essential for holding certain sexual moves, that need toned muscles.
In case your wife is one of those women who hate exercising and being flexible and active, then there is no doubt that she might be experiencing a loss in sexual desire. Besides, she will also not be able to perform several sexual positions that need acrobatic movements. Try advising your wife to make simple exercises and enroll herself in Yoga classes if she can.

Not Someone Who Likes Experimenting
There are those women who hate to try out new things, as they are preservatives in nature. There are just like "let us always maintain it in a traditional way." These kinds of women cannot accept anything new whether it is a sex toy such as a vibrator or any new sex position except those traditional positions such as the missionary position.
Studies have shown that women who are not ready to experience new things are likely to lose interest in sex. Besides, studies have shown that they normally experience low sex drive, as for them sex is not something for pleasure and enjoyment rather an activity.
If your wife is facing the same problem, then she is likely to have lost interest in sex and this will affect her sex drive. You will have to take her slowly and start pursuing her to be open to new things and experiences as that is the only way you can help her.

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