Singers, actors, and various celebrities have shown a helping hand to the needy and minorities in society.



Singers, actors, and various celebrities have shown a helping hand to the needy and minorities in society.

The act of showing humanity, care, protection, and kindness is associated with godliness. Various people have gone a deeper mile in multiple acts of hospitality and showing love to the needy in a broadway. Descriptively, some of these individuals are well-known celebrities. The concept of stars can include artists, actors, pastors, and many more individuals who are publicly known to be doing well in society. In a more particular way, to show selflessness is a virtue that is adored by many. These celebrities have proven that there is nothing that can limit anybody from doing good to others. Some of these artists are from humble backgrounds, and others are just born rich and wealthy. Identifying them is the first move of commending their action, and also, it’s the first move to show love to them as well. Besides, it is the first move to motivating others who have the same ideas altogether. Such selfless acts include donating various amenities to the people in need. Others can show acts of doing charity work to raise awareness or money to help these individuals in a vast ay. In a more elaborative tone, others support the sick by washing their clothes and all that stuff. Below is a list of these legends who have shown humanity on another level

Singer, rapper, and songwriter Chance the Rapper.

This musician, or instead of the famous rapper did not start his career a while ago. He is from Chicago, born and raised, and he knows various cues and the distinct way the people of Chicago live. His actions of humanity can never go unnoticed. More descriptively, chance the rapper has won numerous humanitarian awards in multiple channels and entertainment awards. BET AWARDS 2017 shined unto chance the rapper through his action of donation $1000000 to the children of Chicago. This cash was to go to various dockets such as school funding and numerous crucial amenities related to the education system of Chicago. Despite these challenges, chance the rapper had critics and “haters around him. The governor of this state was among the first ones to challenge the action of chance the rapper.The work this individual has done is what in the modern day we call as excellence. This was evident through various meetings that this rapper held with this governor of Chicago. Hos action came as a result of possible crises that was affecting this institution of learning in his watch. Through his selfless act, various artists and celebrities have followed the soot to reach into the highest of this musician. Chancellor Bennett is the real name to this rapper, and it is always evident that his love for Chicago is endless in a unique way.

Legendary producer, songwriter, and artist of all time, Dr. Dre.

If you are a lover of hip hop and old school vibe, you know more about these guys. More profoundly and descriptively, dr. Dre is in the first line of showing love and humanity to his fellow beings. And substantially, his action never goes unnoticed for his devotion to his city, which is the southern part of Los Angeles. Over the years, his support to the needy and the marginalized have immensely taken roots. Elaboratively, his assistance for technological students never goes unmatched or rather un i9ndebtified. Back in south Compton city, Dr. Dre donated over $70 million to a group of schools or rather an institution in the faciliot6ation of the development of individual schools to teach and improve youngsters of Compton about various acts such as technology and art. He is a man who adores business, and with this, he further donated more ends in 2013 to show different actions of humanity to the potential but disabled business learners. This product has been crowned to be one of the best as far as caring for his community is concerned. “the Hollywood start of fame recently awarded him with a spring in the network streets in a very distant way.

Famous songwriter, actress, and singer “ Rihanna.”

Rihanna’s success in the domain of music and acting can never go unnoticed. In a particular way, many of her albums define her superiority and music excellence in a very distinct way. In a broader vibe, her records are trending, and various awards follow her to prove her and commend her talent. However, Rihanna is one of the humanitarians who show love to the needy in a comprehensive way. Her focus in humanity includes various societal doctrines such as good health and medical care/ attention, excellent education, and multiple amenities such as food. In 2012, her album made very well in the market, and she donated $100 000 to different food banks in the capital of the USA. These funds were specified to the health docket where they were assigned to fight and curb against the spread of HIV and AIDS in an acquit way. Due to these actions, she has attracted various billionaires to do the same in the process of making the world a better place. Her legacy is unmatched due to this action. In Africa, this artiste made way to needy children in Malawi. She provides $2 million to help in the construction of classrooms to better the future child of this developing country. The death of her grandmother changes her way of life, as well. This older woman died out of cancer, and this was tricky for this singer, i.e., Rihanna. The action was to donate various amounts, i.e., $7.5 million to cancer patient cross her city in fight for this disease. He made sure that radiotherapy treatments were available to the needy ion a broader way.

Legendary Pop guru ‘Prince.”

RIP to this great legend who always did various humanity on low vital aspects. It is not known how many aids he had given out until his death. This legendary pop musi9cian had different academy schools in Carolina, which helped the needy youngsters to enhance their care in music and dancing. More elaborately, there were multiple actions that made him became a humanitarian. He helped eradicate poverty among the black community in his home teen and city, and he went ahead and offered help to various individuals who had extreme need of money to solve multiple issues and calamities. In a more elaborative way, the legendary music star provided different stacks of cash to boost different growth of business and related developments. He used to show the power of love to multiple people and persons in need in a very roost way. His memory shall be remembered.

Movie icon and former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This is one of the most popular movie actors in the globe. He has done some much in the realm of acting, theater in general, and various actions in talent showcasing. Besides, his for print can never go unnoticed in the field of politics, where he was the leader of California as a governor. His actions as far as charity is concerned have not gone unnoticed as well. Donating over $1 million, he has shown a helping hand to the poor where he gave this fund to the frontiers responder group managed under the doctrine’s lines of poverty and humanity.The work this individual has done is what in the modern day we call as excellence. He has further continued to showcase his interest to various companies in the vehicle manufacturing industry where is promotes the beginning car manufacturing industries by connecting them to more prominent companies. The actor is associated with using his efforts in making a lot of donations to people who are around him by even sponsoring children to better the highest of education. Feeding America is also a foundation where this legend has donated money as well. His legacy in all this domain is still thriving imminently.

Elton John the legend, music engineer.

After a tribute, he did during the death of a [princes in the United Kingdom, Elton john has continued to make broad moves and again in a vivid way. Among the most prominent charity and action of humanity is his iconic landmark, i.e., Elton John’s AIDs Foundation. This group has extended its hands in nearly all t6he continents across the globe. This humanitarian group helps various people across the world curb the damages caused by HIV/AIDS. In a more elaborative way, more than $20 million have been donated to this group, where this help has reached various people. In Africa, the advice has reached multiple victims of HIV, thus including the affected and the infected.The work this individual has done is what in the modern day we call as excellence. An estimation of 48 countries in Elton has continued to show interest and support to multiple individuals, and this has led to multiple excellence and comfort in a very distinct way and aspect. Through the use of different social media, the foundation has continued to show interest to individuals of helping hand.The work this individual has done is what in the modern day we call as excellence. They further demonstrate the need for working together to eradicate the damage caused by HIV. Various educational channels are quite available through Elton john.

Oprah winfery actions of humanity.

In the modern-day, there is all sorts of competitions for survivor and excellence. More broadly, the world is divided into segments. Some have necessary education, and there those who have the in-depth training. The world is not always fair because various graduates lack job opportunities, and then less educated get the chance. This radio and television show acres, Oprah Winfrey, have a humanitarian group that helps different graduates to venture with different professionalism. The humanitarian group helps diverse graduates to maneuver in the field of the profession through various mentorship and financial assistance. Women and children also get support in this organization in a vast way. In a particular way, this woman donated over $50 million that brings about various assistance to the family of the needy and the hapless. This is quite a right action of serving humanity at an extreme level. In her show, she once surprised his audience by giving out a token of gifts and appreciation. She serves the world in a unique way.

Legendary actor Angelina Jolie.

With over $84 million donations, this famous actress has taken the world more broadly. Descriptively, she is associated with various humanity actions around the globe and the globe. In a nice way, her love to the internally and externally displaced people is beyond a regular human help. In a distinct style, Angelina Jolie has worked on various refuge levels in the United Nations where she has provided momentary bits of help and fund to help in support of refugees in multiple countries in the USA and African continents. Julie Pitt's foundation is a well-recognized unit county of her helping hand. The work this individual has done is what in the modern day we call as excellence.His actions of helping the sick and the orphaned have never being left unnoticed. He is wealth, but his wealth helps the need as well. Abounded children always get a helping hand in her foundation as well. This is one of the most interesting facts about this selfless actor. The work this individual has done is what in the modern day we call as excellence.

Bill gates and wife.

Among the world icons and business, moguls include legendary computer mugil by that name Bills gates. His support in various domains and dockets is quite visible and evident. In a particular way, this wealth endive=dual has continued to show a helping hand despite multiple differences in the act of serving humanity. His wife Melinda has a foundation that is of help across the globe. Bill and Melinda's Foundation is an establishment that shows a helping hand to the developing countries around the world. In a particular way, this effort of showing humanity and care have been displayed in the sense of helping the unhealthy needy people in developing countries. The foundation is a source of concern to various pandemics such as malaria. With a donation of $ 2 billion, the foundation has continued to show a lot of attention and support to health and need personals across the globe. Through thus, foundations, various Africans get tested with an illness such as HIV/AIDs for free.

Legendary singer by the name Chaka Khan.

With various partnerships across the globe, this songwriter has continued to show love, care, and support to multiple individuals in the current world. Southern California university is among the partnering group that helps the in empowering the young generation in terms of professions ad careers. In the city of Los Angeles, she has been involved in giving out scholarships and various academic excellence and power. The Scholars Building Scholars program, a partnership with the University of Southern California, provides one-on-one tutoring for 60 elementary school students in South Central. They need to bring up their grades. Khan also helps fund programs with Autisme Chaka Supports Autism Initiative partners with Autism Speaks to provide vocal training programs for autistic children who have difficulty speaking. Her nephew, Talon, is autistic. The Chaka Khan Foundation has several education and professional development programs for children, teenagers, and young adults. Among their programs, No Excuses is a mentorship program that connects youth who have recently served time in detention facilities with local business mentors in Los Angeles.

This has been a very vocal artist in this realm of showing humanity and kindness to various people. In a deeper wat, Beyoncé is a song writer who is married to Jay Z one of the Greatest rappers of all time. More broadly, the two have been showing love, care, and support for a very long time. This individual has been in the realm of making money and producing a song in over one decade.The work this individual has done is what in the modern day we call as excellence.The two haves made it in life and are sharing the values and the doctrines of supporting various levels of humanity. On multiple actions of showing kindness, bey ounce once donated over $7 million for housing promotions in her home town. This was an act of selflessness and excellence in the domain of showing humanity and support. In a particular way, various affordable housing with functional furnishing we awarded to the people in need in her home town. This is among the best action she ever has done despite her being famous and popularity. The spirit of assistance is very vital and vocal in this domain.

Singer, a songwriter Beyoncé.

Taylor Swift.

She is a famous singer and songwriter with broad and intense spirits of helping the needy. The state of lousing was affected by flowing, and various people died. A lot of houses were destroyed, and this cation led a lot of people to donate numerous amenities and food. This musician was among that showed a helping hand in this dogma. She gave over $5000 to the famous of the affected, and this help of humanity is recognized. Distinctly, the musician has also shown love and support to victims of forest fires across the globe. Her music as well is of showing respect to the marginalized and the week in the society. His efforts are never unrecognized and with this. This a just a way to show humanity and care to others.

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