The journey of Facing Fear, transforming the fears and embracing the Fear to the better.



Everybody in the current way of life is looking for various virtues that can successfully result in avoiding fears. It is true to say that everybody wants a way to mitigate their fears and live a happy life. In my opinion, my success in facing fears came when I discovered various ways of curbing my fears. Through a vivid reckoning of my fears, I knew I had to win this fight of prolonged fears in my life. Indeed, these results, which are positive and helping, have driven me to write a piece that shares various doctrines and algorithms to embrace Fear and use this attribute to defeat self and inner fears. Well, we all come from various religious backgrounds and domains, and clearly, they have different approaches to using "fear to fight fear." To make this even more fascinating or rather interesting, learning various virtues of fighting fears through various religions is quite impressive.

Interesting factors about various religions towards Facing Fear.

The antidote of Fear

Based on personal experience, involvement and understanding, I had to learn the virtues of courage in Buddhism and various Christianity principles. It was an involvement that is worth sharing because I still remember it till today. Should I share more cultures and ways of life? The answer is yes because I am here to help you STOP this jargon of Fear by fighting it through a unique skill of embracing the Fear. So, in the doctrines of the Buddha, the "cuisine" of Fear is very simple and elaborate. The solution that was impact-full and rational to me was the concept of denial. To Buddha leaders and followers, they encourage that the antidote and the remedy to fear is "closeness" to the Fear. This seemed to work with me. The non-existing consequences are the ones that lead us to fear. Look at it this way, you did your test and you assume you will fair. The Fear is imaginable. The antidote to this is clear because the feat does not exist in any way. Interestingly, Buddhism doctrines and principles place it broadly that diverting our attention from threat is the first step to embracing Fear and transforming this negative attribute.

The Buddhism vibe that changes all.

By now, the impact of these teachings and ways of life we still making sense to me in a more intense way. "worrying is a misuse and waste of imagination" is a quote that always sticks in my mind. The words came from a Buddhist monk by the name Mathieu Richards who was talking about personal experiences that result in fears. As we walked through the old structures getting the lectures of facing fears, this monk and the religious leader did not hesitate to induce the spirit of courage and fearlessness. Among the first virtue that he echoed was freeing out of remorse and regret that happens in once life. The question that followed in my mind was, how will some stop the aspect of remorse. He gave a three-way approach to dealing with the situation in a comprehensive way.

The bliss of facing fears by avoiding regrets.

Through the involvements one has passed through, the doctrines and the standards of this religion had a cycle and step by step algorithm that I never thought it would change my life to joy and happiness. The fundamental ways of avoiding fears and regrets were sighted as "using your immersions towards Fear." Face and embrace your fears in the following way.

i. Self-acceptance though realism and practicality of facts.
Self-acceptance through realism was the first step towards the ambiance or rather the vibe of embracing fears through facing many regrets. Elaborately, he tried to explain that recognizing the issues that might have resulted in fears is the first building block of maneuvering in this hideous journey of facing fears, transforming and embracing them. Accept that the situations happened first. I accepted that I had not read for the test well, and the miracle started working instantly.

ii. You are believing in yourself that you can do greater or even better.
To me, this sounded like the beginning of the end to my fears. Through various tones that were used by this monk, I had to agreed that facing my fears and uses them against fighting my fears was a thing indeed. I had to put done various insights on how would do even way better compared to my experiences and past actions. Believe in yourself, you can do better, clearly, this will be the beginning of success and joy. The sense of this step made me accept that the damage was manageable, and I would rectify various mistakes in a vital way.

iii. "Finding solutions" was the third solution towards living a better life.
After the above steps have been followed, coming up with ideas of solving the already wrongly one subject is the building block of facing fears, transforming and embracing the fears. At this moment, I could literarily feel the sense of courage, fearlessness, and bravely circling in my veins. Facing my fears had never been this easy and swift. I could not believe I was in the phrase of planning the worst to my fears. This solution was to be made with optimum results and vibe. If you plan your solution, the fears will always run out of you.
iv. Rebuilding the destroyed is just but a product of "finding solutions."
The journey to completely manage my fears had already begun. After finding strong and roust solutions to my problems, improvising them with care and understanding was what was all remaining. The end products, results, and consequences were one of the best. More broadly, a vision of fearlessness was all in me. By this time, my nickname would be "The fearless Warrior."

v. After all this, the last cycle was "begin once more with the current situation."
At first, this was kind of tricky to understand. The monk did not hesitate; in fact, he went into details and started explaining the ideal way of starting a new beginning. The virtues that were to adhere to this "new beginning" included positivity. I had to ask the meaning of positivity. The answer was quite easy. "For your ton face fears, transforming and embracing your fears, you have to be positive." Living as a life of optimize is all that matters in this world. These words have been a stepping stone to me. Various attributes and characteristics of being in a sober mind when making decisions are what he termed as the stepping stone of facing fears as well. In times of anxiety, the mind should be in a serene place, and this should be a stepping to excellence and success in the docket of not fearing your fears and facing them.
In conclusion to this algorithmic and principles, the antidote or rather the cuisine of facing fears is fearlessness brought about by following the above sequence and degrees of facing fears. Embracing and transforming fears to owns advantage is brought about by understanding the fears. In a more explicitly way, various people term it as "intimacy" with Fear, but I will drive it in the aspect of getting close to the Fear and understanding it.

Christianity's approach to facing fears.

It is notable for identifying Christianity as one of the most prominent religions in the world. It is also true to understand that it was of help to me in searching various ways of fighting my fears through facing my fears, transforming them, and embracing them to mitigate them.
In my involvement with these doctrines, briefly highlighting the best ways possible is of importance and fundament explicitly. We look upon the supreme being, i.e., God, to help us manage through the times of worries and fears. Various religious leaders in this doctrine try top to break it down how to face this Fear and use them against themselves. If you know what I mean, not all people believe in these doctrines as well. Asking the holy spirit to help you face your fears is one of the vital things in this domain. And in detail, these doctrines are all necessary to the involved parties.

A brief universal key towards facing fears, transforming them, and embracing them.

With all my experiences and involvements in various domains and religions. I found the importance of writing a vibe that will cure all your fears. Not by avoiding the fears but facing the fears and conquering them. This is the joy principle in having "intimacy" with your fears and also the beginning of fearlessness, courage, and bravely in this realm.

Below is a hierarchy of proven techniques to overcome fears by embracing fears.

A. The topmost technique and approach are "Pursuing own fears."
As it was in the Buddhist doctrines of fearlessness, tracking, or rather pursuing your fears is very crucial and essential. This is the beginning of letting your fears fear the concepts you have towards concurring them. More descriptively, mining the origin of your fears is a significant stepping stone in this context. Identifying how the Fear has taken control over the past days of your life is vital. As you are figuring all this, it is good to take note of every Fear, origin, and impact.
B. After "pursuing your fears," "slender into your fears."
This will be attained by gradually following various steps in tackling your fears. Elaboratively, you can do various things that frighten you as well. The more you take smaller steps in conquering your small fears, the sense of courage and bravely rises. The gradual steps will be the stepping stones and starting points of tackling the huge fears.
C. Body relaxations and making ease of everything is of fundamental.
Through the day, take various breaks and various rests. It will help you and your body to relax immensely. Taking various nature walks is of importance. Nature walks, and various therapies such as earthing can help you relax during this struggle and life-changing procedure. In a more transparent tone, do not strain in achieving something all over sudden. Gradual steps and breaking points are all that you need. So, RELAX. All will be well.
D. Reckon your success from the past.
Can I tell you a secret towards making it in this domain? Taking note of your past success is a focal point in the maneuvering in this domain. Your success can be used to define you in a very distinct way. If you had past success in absolute fear, it would be a motivation in solving the Fear that lies in Infront of you on your current. Generating a list of our successes will lift your spirit, and nothing will stop you from making another success. This always works.
E. Stop procrastination and pessimistic attributes.
You fail to conquer your fears because of the negative attitude towards your past. Surrounding yourself with people that are of less motivation should be stopped in this struggle and quest. Make sure that your present is safe by making various decisions that will positively impact your life. Your future stories and falls are no longer part of the current and future. Focusing on them will result in many downfalls.
In a summative way, make fun of your fears is the power to win in this battle of facing fears. Transforming and embracing your fears will only be achieved by noticing abundance or rather profusion that surrounds you is all that is a need in this domain. Adoption of various success of the great men is another stepping stone of "beyond greatness in the quest of fighting fears by not avoiding them but facing them. As we said earlier in the first context of Buddhism, developing a sense of self-belief is all that matters in this domain. Get beyond your Fear by shoving it and getting beyond it through the view of life as a formidable and wild adventure. Go out there and get ready to win once more with all these exciting attributes you have towards facing and embracing your fears.

What are the distinguishing factors of Fear?

Facing Fear is a stranger thing in life. Nobody wants the Fear, and the first step into changing these concepts is by knowing the factors make light there is Fear among you. To transform and release Fear is not an easy task without the thoughts and doctrines. It becomes easy when one understands the meaning of the factors which distinguish and explained Fear. With this factor, building a strong foundation of how to use these factors to conquered Fear is of vital need.

Intensity as a distinguishing factor of Fear.

Intensity as a distinguishing factor of Fear is of importance in this domain. Human instants can be used to describe this factor in a robust way. In the details, this factor is used to show the weight and the concentration of consequences that are resulting in the Fear. It can be further explained as the magnitude of the threat ahead. If one does not understand well, this distinguishing factor of Fear, facing, Transforming, and releasing Fear is not an easy task. What becomes easy is the act of meeting this virtue, understanding it, and use it as a force factor to maneuver in this jungle of Fear by taking advantage of the fear itself.

How do you identify this factor?

This is a vital question that needs a vivid description, as well. Identifying these factors can be quite challenging for various people. To others, it might be easy. You see, some individuals know their problems and Fear. What becomes an issue is the will to share the Fear and the ability also to accept that the Fear exists in them. The easiest way to conquer this situation is by facing Fear, Transformation, and releasing Fear is another vital aspect that is well distinguished in this situation. For the fewer individuals, how lack of knowing their fears, visiting guidance, and consoling team can be of vitality and significant fundamental in this domain. This is just but the stepping stones of attaining the results in our context as well.

Timing can also be a distinguishing factor of Fear.

Well, this is a factor that needs clarification and acute understanding as well. Timing is a very crucial artifact in life. It is the determining factor of change, success, and so many other factors in life. It can also be used to explain various woes, ups and downs, challenges, and so forth. In the context of Fear, it can be described in a different tone. Facing Fear begins with identifying the “timing.” In a particular way, Transforming and releasing Fear can also be determined by how vivid you understand the concepts of timing. This is a virtue that is very fundamental in this domain.
To begin with, understanding the degree of harm coming can be used to describe the concept of Fear. More broadly, imminent and impending can also be used to describe timing in the ideas of Fear with these traits and factors. Facing Fear is very easy and ways easy to conquer.
with all this virtues, you life is good as new.

‘Dealing with or rather coping” is a factor as well.

The approaches of dealing with the Fear can be a distinguishing factor of Fear it is self. A question such as “what if” can be used to describe the element as well. These questions show doubt. In a situation, asking oneself this question is the beginning of Fear and woes. However, using the same distinguish factor of Fear can be used in facing the Fear. The element as well can be used to transform and release Fear in a robust way. The second factor under this category is “the action that should be taken towards the situation one is in”. This is a metric to measure Fear as well. Planning but it sounds more of the solution. Getting to prepare in case of anything is a sign vividly related to fear. However, it can be a route to success and in our context and domain. Eliminating the ill situation is a factor in this category. One cannot run away from solving a solution. Using the Fear to explain the concepts is of significant vitality in this degree.

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